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Providing dental services for your entire family

Providing dental services for your entire family


So you’re sitting in the dental chair and your hygienist, who you love, says the doctor would like you to have some x-rays taken today. We know what you’re thinking…. “Really? Do I really need those x-rays? My teeth feel great and I have no problems, no pain, and no sensitivity. I can put those […]

 …and how to deal with a knocked-out tooth (: There are more than 5 million teeth knocked out every year. Most people agree that soaking a knocked out tooth  in water is the best temporary solution, but this far from the truth! Whether you are on the ball field, at your favorite steak restaurant, munching […]

When faced with the loss of a back tooth… “Why spend money getting it fixed when there are so many other teeth back there?” “One missing tooth won’t impact my ability to eat.” “Losing a back tooth won’t hinder my pearly smile “ The truth is, all teeth are important! Even the ones that aren’t regularly seen by other […]

Sweet Summertime We all look forward to this season, and for many different reasons! Most commonly, people plan summer vacations, beach trips, poolside splashes, family cookouts, outdoor excursions and firework shows. But this summer, we’re sensing a new trend… *FLOSSING AND FRIENDS* Flossing has been unpopular for long enough, and people are starting to get […]

May and June mark the months of our #EmbraceYourSmile contest. This contest is all about you! We want to know what makes each of our patients smile. So go ahead, enter our contest today! (: The winner receives 2 FREE BUSCH GARDENS fun passes How do you enter? 1. Take a picture of yourself embracing your […]

Are you a coffee captive? (coffee captive=any individual who consumes coffee on a daily basis) Do you look forward to your morning, afternoon or evening coffee? You’re not alone, and we want to remind you that you don’t need to settle for a stained smile! Coffee does stain teeth …along with all other dark drinks. […]

This week we want you to get to know our doctors on a new level! Find out what kind of beans Dr. Alperin prefers- jelly beans or green beans? And does Dr. Althouse’s dream lunchtime truly consist of “talking dentistry with his partners?” Now that’s dedication! And what about Dr. Carroll? Which does he enjoy […]

Did a fresh face, fresh hairstyle, and fresh outfit get you to the car door feeling altogether fresh this morning? You drove to work with a pure sense of confidence. You entered the building and once again the secretary looked worried. She said hello, like always, but how could she still seem so standoffish? You […]

IT IS NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DENTAL HEALTH MONTH!!! Join us in developing healthy habits for children everywhere! “The chains of habits are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken” -Samuel Johnson, English author 1709 Surprisingly, tooth decay is the number one chronic infectious disease among children in the US. This […]

The new year is quickly approaching! Do you have unused money in your Flexible Spending Account? Did you know that those pre-tax dollars may be used for your Dental Care? This is the perfect time to schedule any treatment you may need, or address any dental concerns! One of your resolutions may be to start […]

Welcome to the grand opening of the Drs. Althouse, Carroll & Alperin website and specifically the website blog. In the blog, I will try to post information which might be useful to dental patients, covering a variety of treatments, new and old. In addition, I will discuss administrative issues concerning insurance and what happens in […]