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Providing dental services for your entire family

Providing dental services for your entire family

Our Services

Very thin, all ceramic restorations which cover the front and biting edge of front teeth. They are most frequently used for only cosmetic purposes, although they can be used to repair partially fractured teeth.

Porcelain Crowns-
Crowns made of an all ceramic material which very closely resembles the enamel of natural teeth. They now are also used for back teeth for a metal free restoration.

Emergency Care-
We make every effort to see patients on the same day they call with an emergency. For existing patients we also do a weekend call.

Removal of teeth. Complicated situations are referred to our specialist Oral Surgeon colleagues.

Tooth colored, small restorations to repair decay or chips in teeth.

Tooth colored material which is flowed into the grooves of permanent molars after they have erupted to protect against decay.

Periodontal therapy and cleanings-
Non-surgical treatment which allows management of periodontal (gum) problems if not too severe. This involves more frequent visits and removal of calculus (tartar) from the root surfaces of the teeth with local anesthetic used to keep the process comfortable.

A titanium post placed in the bone of the jaw to allow for replacement of missing teeth. The actual placement is done by a specialist colleague, while the new tooth is made in our office.

Replacement of missing teeth by crowning teeth on either side of the space and placing a replacement tooth between them all attached in one unit and cemented in the mouth.

Root canal therapy-
Removal of diseased pulp tissue followed by sealing to the tips of the roots after the pulp has become damaged or infected.

Teeth whitening-
Safe removal of stains from the tooth enamel surfaces with a mild bleach to make teeth whiter.

TMJ and grinding-
Injuries to the jaw joint often due to grinding or an uneven bite. Usually treatable with a mouth guard custom fit to the patient’s bite.

Sports guards-
We can make custom mouth guards for protecting teeth for sports participation.