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Providing dental services for your entire family

Providing dental services for your entire family


A Quick Call to Coffee Captives (:

Are you a coffee captive?

(coffee captive=any individual who consumes coffee on a daily basis)

Do you look forward to your morning, afternoon or evening coffee? You’re not alone, and we want to remind you that you don’t need to settle for a stained smile!

Coffee does stain teeth

…along with all other dark drinks. This is because the enamel of our teeth are covered with ridges, grooves and small cracks that easily allow pigments from dark colored drinks to create a home! If steps are not taken to prevent this pigment build-up, tooth discoloration will occur.

Adding more cream or milk will not prevent staining

The dark pigmentation found in coffee is still present even when creams are added. Adding components to your coffee can also lead to other health concerns. Oftentimes creamer is laden with hidden sugars which also attach to the surface of our tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and the need for a dental filling.

Visiting your dentist, maintaining good oral hygiene and limiting your coffee break time are the keys to success!

If eliminating coffee will eliminate your joy then don’t eliminate. Instead, learn to limit! If your coffee-consumption time usually spans from breakfast to lunch try taking specific coffee breaks instead. You can even rinse or brush after your coffee-breaks in order to prevent build-up.

Regular visits to the dentist will remove most stains and prevent long-term staining! 6 months of staining is much easier to remove than 3 years! (:








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