Drs. Carroll, Alperin & Casteen

Providing dental services for your entire family

Providing dental services for your entire family


Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of the Drs. Althouse, Carroll & Alperin website and specifically the website blog. In the blog, I will try to post information which might be useful to dental patients, covering a variety of treatments, new and old. In addition, I will discuss administrative issues concerning insurance and what happens in a dental office behind the scenes. Hopefully, a better understanding of the procedures patients undergo and the operation of the office will make every patient’s experience easier and more comfortable. Sometimes, we might have a change of pace and discuss a community issue, either about our Midtown Portsmouth neighborhood, or the larger dental neighborhood.

I will encourage comments and will answer all of them. If you have an interest in a specific topic, please post about it and a post on the subject will appear soon! We look forward to an opportunity to interact with our patients as well as others in the community who are interested in Dentistry.

Elliott M. Althouse, D.D.S.

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