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Providing dental services for your entire family

Providing dental services for your entire family


Why Each of Your Teeth are Important


When faced with the loss of a back tooth…

“Why spend money getting it fixed when there are so many other teeth back there?”

“One missing tooth won’t impact my ability to eat.”

“Losing a back tooth won’t hinder my pearly smile “

The truth is, all teeth are important! Even the ones that aren’t regularly seen by other people.  When a tooth is lost there is an immediate loss of bone that follows. Because the jawbone is no longer stimulated by the presence of the tooth, the bone begins to deteriorate. This can be compared to any bone in our bodies. In the same way that keeping our bodies active is important in preventing early bone loss, keeping our jaw bones involved in the act of chewing is important in keeping them healthy and useful.

Although a small amount of bone loss may still sound minor, it must be understood that any amount of  bone loss  can affect the entirety of the mouth. As bone mass is lost, the  surrounding teeth begin to shift in order to cope with the loss of the tooth. This shift can negatively impact ones bite and begin to place too much chewing pressure on the front teeth. Chewing on the front teeth can lead to tooth trauma and the eventual loss of the front teeth. Before long, it’s time for dentures!

Prevention is key! When the loss of a tooth is necessary, there are certain measures that can be taken in order to prevent gradual bone and gum loss.

Ask your dentist how you can take measures to preserve your smile–both now and for the future (:



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