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Providing dental services for your entire family


summertime trends? flossing and friends.


Sweet Summertime

We all look forward to this season, and for many different reasons! Most commonly, people plan summer vacations, beach trips, poolside splashes, family cookouts, outdoor excursions and firework shows.

But this summer, we’re sensing a new trend…


Flossing has been unpopular for long enough, and people are starting to get the picture. Why disregard a task that can add length to life, sparkles to a smile and be performed with friends? This summer, trends may be changing, and we are excited (:

When flossing is neglected all  kinds of disgusting bacteria remain in the mouth (between the teeth) that can lead to anything from bad breath to gum disease. These bacteria produce acid that begins to eat away at tooth enamel and cause cavities. Overtime this bacteria buildup can produce gingivitis and more intense stages of periodontal disease. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis may include swollen or bleeding  gums. Gums bleed because they have become infected and blood is brought to them in order to fight off the infection.  Sadly, because the body believes that the tooth is causing the infection (due to the bacteria buildup on the teeth), the immune system can start to eat away at the bone so that the teeth (viewed as the agent of infection), will fall out. The bacteria can also enter into the blood stream and cause complications in the body’s internal functions due to the bleeding of the infected gums.

Thankfully, floss is easily accessible… and friends are abundant! So grab your toothbrush, your floss, your friends and prepare for sweet summertime trends (:

– Jess

P.S. Be sure to document your flossing parties and send us the pics! We’re excited to see this trend soar! 😀





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